Bringing GoodnessTo your food


We all love food, since it unites us all together and is a source of overall wellness. Nearly all the food which we eat from our plates, is grown by farmers, so we focus on the farmer’s needs to find simplistic solutions for future food production.

Our Approach

  • Our research and development is directed towards innovation and introduction of formulations appropriate for the market.

  • Through our stringent tests and trial processes, we strive to attain crop solutions compliant to all regulations

  • With our refined technology, we have become experts in crop protection products

  • We assure timely deliveries, with our smooth and efficient distribution channels

  • Giving access to farmers to less costly generics, without compromising on quality

  • Our dynamic approach to agricultural solutions sets us apart

Our Values


    Our business is run through positivity which can only help reap desirable results.


    With our problem-solving attitude, we meet every challenge by undertaking a simplistic approach.


    Our ethical responsibilities help us aim to keep our promises to all stakeholders.


    We always make choices in the best interest of the environment and the people, giving a sense of togetherness.


MAPP 18512

metamitron 700g/l

A selective herbicide with foliar and root activity for use in sugar beet, beetroot, fodder beet and mangels.

A suspension concentrate formulation containing 700g/l (58.3% w/w) metamitron.


MAPP 18432

tebuconazole 250g/l (triazole)

A broad spectrum systemic fungicide for wheat (excluding Durum), barley, oats, rye (winter), oilseed rape, field beans and linseed.

An emulsion (oil in water) formulation containing 250 g/l (25.9% w/w) tebuconazole.

Sharp XD®

MAPP 18431

flufenacet 400g/l & diflufenican 100g/l

A contact and residual herbicide for pre- and post-crop emergence use against a range of broad-leaved weeds and annual meadowgrass in winter wheat and winter barley.

A suspension concentrate formulation containing 400g/l (32.2% w/w) flufenacet and 100g/l (8.0% w/w) diflufenican.