We all love food, since it unites us all together and is a source of overall wellness. Nearly all the food which we eat from our plates, is grown by farmers, so we focus on the farmer’s needs to find simplistic solutions for future food production.

JT Agro is a fast-growing, off-patent, crop protection company providing generic products, where we take a simple and flexible approach to fulfill the important steps in meeting the world’s future food challenges. We invest in a portfolio of registered products starting from technical synthesis, formulation development to regulatory compliance. Moreover, we continue to invest in R&D to create new solutions, as we strongly believe that crop science and progress will together lead us to harmony.

Considering the fast erosion of popular pesticides due to regulatory barriers created by the bigger companies, our subsidiary company, Cropthetics, is responsible on focusing to bring to market, in quick time, the newer generics which have come off-patent. This ensures the farmer access to less costly generic products which are of the same quality, which in-turn reduces their crop investment.

In this world, there is room for everyone and the good Earth is rich; so we always keep in mind to care for our environment. We all want to live by each other’s well-being, and create an environment which gives our future generations a decent world to grow in.